Our Work

Bridging Continents and Enriching Lives

At Kuishi Smart, our impact spans across continents, reaching individuals in both North America and Africa. Through our comprehensive health and wellness initiatives, we're dedicated to promoting well-being and inspiring positive change in diverse communities.

North America


One in five people in Canada lives with at least one of the following diseases: heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, or diabetes. There is also a significant health deterioration experienced by immigrants due to changes in their eating habits upon arrival in Canada.

Key Objectives of Our Interventions

Assisting Newcomers

To assess the eating habits and lifestyles of newcomers to Canada, to screen for diet-related chronic diseases, so that we provide personalized information and advice on nutrition and health issues.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Promote the adoption of healthy food and lifestyle choices to newcomers by increasing their access to resources and information through one-on-one counselling and group education.

Promoting Partnerships

Strengthen community partnerships that support immigrants to access appropriate health and wellness services, and to build supportive networks through peer-to-peer groups


Rwanda and DRC

For people living in low-income countries, access to food is a real problem; basic transport is a challenge and communities struggle to meet their daily needs. This and the social health factors, such as income, health services, employment opportunities, gender, and culture, are among the elements that contribute to increase the number of NCDs cases in these countries.

Key Objectives of Our Interventions

Preventing NCDs

The prevention of non-communicable diseases, partnering with health care providers and government institutions, and raising public awareness of the benefits of healthy eating and best practices for a healthier life.

Controlling and Guiding

To control NCDs by addressing key issues and developing sets of guidelines for NCD prevention.

Promoting Partnerships

To create a customer-oriented internal environment by initiating staff training and capacity building.

Kuishi Smart will be among the first evidenced-based dietetics and health organizations operating in Africa focused on NCDs.

How You Can Help

KUISHI SMART is always looking for passionate volunteers, skilled individuals and exceptional partners to help us accomplish our mission. Together we can bring greater education and awareness of proper health and nutrition directly to our communities.

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Omella Kankuyo

Best dietitian we have in town. Very professional, they make a good analysis of your medical results and help you recover in a better way. Kudos Kuishi.