Our Theoretical Framework for Treating NCDs

Patient Beya
Founder & CEO
October 12, 2023

Kuishi Smart's approach to intervention is anchored in a cohesive framework that harnesses the power of two pivotal models: the Social Ecological Model and the Chronic Care Model. These models form the bedrock of our strategy, enabling us to create a profound impact on individual health and well-being.

The Social Ecological Model serves as a guiding light, recognizing that individuals are not solitary entities but rather influenced by a complex web of interconnected factors. From personal choices to societal norms, this model acknowledges the multi-layered dimensions that shape behaviors and lifestyles. By addressing these layers holistically, we empower individuals to make informed choices that resonate with their environment and values.

Complementing this, the Chronic Care Model provides a systematic approach that emphasizes evidence-based transformations within the healthcare system itself. This model guides us to orchestrate changes that are not only vital but also deeply impactful in improving patient health outcomes. By adhering to these evidence-backed shifts, we enhance the quality of patient care and elevate well-being across the spectrum.

Central to our effectiveness is the integration of these models with our cutting-edge Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. This advanced technological tool empowers us to generate data-driven insights that inform our interventions. The EMR system's capabilities extend beyond data collection; it forms the backbone of our dietetics and healthcare prevention model for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This integration allows us to seamlessly embed our expertise within the public health system, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach.

Moreover, our EMR system introduces a new horizon in healthcare delivery. Through its capabilities, we offer virtual healthcare services that provide the convenience of online booking and consultations, bringing healthcare right to your home, office, or community. This integration of technology with our models amplifies the impact of our interventions, making healthcare accessible and adaptable to the modern world.

By harmonizing the Social Ecological Model, the Chronic Care Model, and the EMR system's advanced features, our interactions with patients become a tapestry of success. We witness enhanced outcomes, improved quality of life, and streamlined information management within the clinical ecosystem. This comprehensive synergy not only ensures reliable results but also contributes to the reduction of healthcare costs at both the individual and systemic levels.

In summary, Kuishi Smart's theoretical framework and approach are fortified by the intersection of the Social Ecological Model and the Chronic Care Model, supported by the innovative prowess of our Electronic Medical Records system. This intersection creates a roadmap toward fostering sustainable health, empowering individuals, and forging a path to a healthier future, all while embracing the convenience of virtual healthcare delivery.