Master Your Ability to Effectively Treat NCDs

Don't miss out on opportunities to treat the growing epidemic of non-communicable diseases

  • Grow your knowledge on NCD best practices and deliver results
  • Invest in your practice and build your capacity like never before
  • Culturally sensitive approach, perfect for diverse African communities

What You'll Learn from KUISHI SMART

Our program is full of scientific best practices used in the field., that you can take into your own career and practice. The program aligns training with the Canadian Dietetics Care Standards to improve access to affordable medical nutrition and dietetics care.

Non-Communicable Diseases 101

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of NCDs
  • Learn about their causes and risk factors
  • Explore the epidemiology of NCDs
  • Understand the impact of NCDs on individuals and populations

Nutrition and NCDs

  • Discover the crucial role of nutrition in NCD prevention and management
  • Learn how different dietary factors influence NCDs
  • Develop skills to create evidence-based dietary plans.

Disease-Specific Approaches

  • Specialize in various NCDs like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension, and cancer
  • Understand the unique challenges posed by each condition
  • Explore specific treatment approaches and dietary interventions for each NCD.

Diagnostic Skills

  • Acquire the skills needed for effective NCD diagnosis
  • Learn to assess patient history and conduct physical examinations
  • Interpret diagnostic test results and recognize NCD symptoms.

Treatment Strategies

  • Explore diverse strategies for NCD management
  • Discover the importance of lifestyle modifications
  • Understand the role of dietary interventions, exercise programs, and pharmacological approaches
  • Master patient counseling techniques for NCDs.

Patient Education and Counseling

  • Develop effective communication skills for patient education
  • Learn to counsel patients on lifestyle changes
  • Guide patients on dietary adherence, medication management, and psychosocial aspects of NCDs.

Client Testimonials

Our Customers Love Us

See why both nutritionists and patients trust KUISHI SMART to help treat NCD's.

I was impressed by the excellent and very professional service offered by KUISHI SMART. Highly recommend if looking for a dietitian in Rwanda.

Tona Isibo

Best dietitian we have in town. Very professional, they make a good analysis of your medical results and help you recover in a better way. Kudos Kuishi.

Omella Kankuyo

Very professional, individual diet program, follow up on progress. I highly recommend.

Peggy Mutabaruka

Professional, they explain to you in detail what you're suffering from, teach you how to recover, and how to prevent it from happening again next time. I was satisfied.

Yvan Thierry

I consulted KUISHI SMART a few times awhile back. The medical check they prescribed me, and the analysis they made from the results, as well as the advice I received, are for me, and to date, the perfect illustration of the old adage; "prevention is better than a cure" Kudos to KUISHI SMART.

Jean-Luc Kibuka

KUISHI SMART has been in partnership with Diversified Youth Initiative since 2007 assisting our youth and families with dietetic information and resources that enable their ability to sustain physical and mental well-being. Our diverse communities residing in and around affordable housing in Canada continue to benefit from Patient Beya and his team at KUISHI SMART.

Diversified Youth

KUISHI SMART Dietetics Clinic helps you to take action on the science behind eating well by making it practical, understandable and fun. I deeply admire their dedication and commitment for helping individuals with serious health issues who need 1 on 1 support to make changes. I confidently recommend the services and knowledge of the KUISHI SMART team to help both individuals and organizations achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.


About the Program

KUISHI SMART's NCD Care Training Program was created to fill a need in Africa where clinical nutritionists are sorely needed. Our program is based on scientific best practices to give you a strong foundation to build upon, to deliver the necessary care that Africa needs. Take action with our program today.

Addressing Africa's Healthcare Challenge

  • Africa's Healthcare Challenge: Competent clinical nutritionists are crucial for Africa's evolving healthcare system, but nutrition and dietetics have been overlooked.
  • Growing NCD Crisis: There is a mass shortage of dietitians to serve the increasing threat of NCDs across Africa.
  • Transitioning Health Landscape: Africa shifts from infectious diseases to NCDs due to rising risk factors.

NCD Care Training Program Empowers African Healthcare

  • Canadian Dietetics Care Standard: The program aligns training with the Canadian Dietetics Care Standard to improve access to affordable medical nutrition and dietetics care.
  • Empowering Healthcare Professionals: The program offers self-employment opportunities for healthcare providers, addressing the NCD crisis and enhancing patient care.
  • Comprehensive Training Packages: Three distinct packages cater to the diverse needs of healthcare providers and patients.


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KUISHI SMART's NCD Care Training Program prepares entrepreneurial-minded, clinical nutritionists to turn their training into a practice. Our program focuses on early prevention for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and health promotion programs for communities and individuals. Register now to help remove typical barriers for patients such as time, socio-economic factors, and limited healthcare services.

$249.99 USD

"Kilimanjaro" Package

Periodic virtual networking and learning events
Access to up-to-date resources and evidence in the field of nutrition and dietetics

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes KUISHI SMART different from other nutritional services?
Are your services culturally sensitive?
Is KUISHI SMART available in both Africa and North America?

Patient Beya

Founder & CEO

Words from Our Founder

I am a Bilingual Registered Dietitian, and have worked with individuals and communities on a variety of health and nutrition related programs, around the world. I have over a decade of community outreach and capacity building, health promotion, primary health care provision, facilitation, research, epidemiological survey and evaluation and project management experience.

I am a positive, passionate, solutions focused person, and an excellent facilitator and coach. I am committed to working with communities and clients to develop community based programs and individualized nutrition care plans that will empower them and address their dietetic and health challenges while fitting into their particular life situations and needs.


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