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Having a better understanding of one’s health and needs is the road map to a healthier life.

Our work on NCD prevention, control and management involves:

Equipping and empowering individuals to implement evidence-based dietetics and lifestyle changes to strengthen their capacity for self-care management

Ensuring quality and standardized assessment, treatment and electronic health record documentation

Delivering dietetics and lifestyle change programs through partners, including government healthcare structures

Increasing screening, referrals and participation in the dietetics and the lifestyle change program and self-care management.

Many of our resources, services, and programs are available free of charge; please reach out to discuss education, counselling and outreach opportunities that will work for your group or community.

Our Services

Individual Nutrition

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Health Promotion Programs

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Community Outreach Activities

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Our Team

Patient Beya
Founder & CEO
Princess Ethan
Communication and Partnership Building
Clarissa Toa
Research Monitoring and Evaluation
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What We're Up To
Kuishi Smart has been busy at work all around the globe. See our latest below.
Founder & CEO Patient Beya on television in D.R.C.
Founder Patient Beya talking about Sports Nutrition at Diversified Youth
Kuishi Smart is raising awareness of Non-Communicable Diseases and Medical Nutrition Therapy Solutions.
Patient Beya in Kinshasa
Patient Beya, CEO & Founder of Kuishi Smart on a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa

Our Story

Founder Patient Beya has always been passionate about helping people. As a teenager he lost his father to a preventable illness and now worries for the health of his mother who lives with heart disease. Through his practice as a registered dietitian in Canada and Africa, Patient has developed a deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of the key role that diet plays in a person’s overall wellbeing. And he has seen firsthand how health and quality of life can improve through dietetics and nutrition. In fact, paying closer attention to what’s on our plate can even reverse the effects of some nutrition-related diseases.

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Our Values

Our services are designed to help people succeed and are based on evidence and best practices to promote continuous quality improvement. We believe in collaboration through meaningful partnerships and are accountable to our partners and the communities that we serve.

Our Vision

Kuishi Smart is a global organization that envisions a community where people eat healthy, live well and fulfill their potential. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to best care for themselves and their families to decrease the risk of preventable diseases—no matter where they live or their socioeconomic background.

Our Mission

We aim to provide an integrated, culturally appropriate and client-centred dietetics care and program as
a multidisciplinary team.
We focus on community empowerment, health promotion, disease prevention, advocacy and improving self-care management of chronic conditions through dietetics and nutrition.

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