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$150 USD

"Ubuntu" NCD

  • Provides a certificate to clinical nutritionists
  • Equips clinical nutritionists with essential skills and competencies in clinical medical nutrition therapy and dietetics
  • Prepares clinical nutritionists to deliver safe and affordable care in private or public settings
CHoose Ubuntu

$250 USD

"Kilimanjaro" NCD

  • includes a certificate and a lifetime membership
  • Provides access to ongoing professional development training
  • Offers opportunities to attend professional network events
  • Keeps clinical nutritionists up to date with scientific practice updates in nutrition and dietetics care
Choose Killimanjaro

$395 USD

"Congo River" NCD

  • Includes a certificate, lifetime membership, and a portable mobile clinic
  • Enables clinical nutritionists to turn their training into practice as future healthcare provider entrepreneurs
  • Creates job opportunities for clinical nutritionists while increasing access to safe and affordable nutrition and dietetics care
  • Removes social determinants such as time, socio-economic factors, and limited healthcare services as barriers for patients
  • Focuses on early prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and health promotion programs for communities and individuals
Choose Congo River

What You'll Learn

Understanding Non-Communicable Diseases

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of non-communicable diseases, including their causes, risk factors, epidemiology, and impact on individuals and populations.


Nutrition and NCDs

You will learn about the role of nutrition in preventing, managing, and treating non-communicable diseases. This includes understanding the impact of various dietary factors on NCDs and developing evidence-based dietary plans.


Disease-Specific Approaches

Training programs often provide specialized knowledge in specific non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, hypertension, cancer, and more. You will learn about the unique challenges, treatment approaches, and dietary interventions for each condition.


Diagnostic Skills

You will acquire the skills necessary to effectively diagnose non-communicable diseases through the assessment of patient history, physical examinations, and relevant diagnostic tests. This includes understanding the signs and symptoms of NCDs and interpreting diagnostic results.


Treatment Strategies

Training programs will cover various treatment strategies for managing non-communicable diseases, including lifestyle modifications, dietary interventions, exercise programs, pharmacological approaches, and patient counseling techniques.


Patient Education and Counseling

You will learn effective communication techniques to educate and counsel patients with non-communicable diseases. This involves providing guidance on lifestyle changes, dietary adherence, medication management, and addressing psychosocial aspects of NCDs.


I am a Bilingual Registered Dietitian, and have worked with individuals and communities on a variety of health and nutrition related programs, around the world. I have nine years of community outreach and capacity building, health promotion, primary health care provision, facilitation, research, epidemiological survey and evaluation and project management experience.

I am a positive, passionate, solutions focused person, and an excellent facilitator and coach. I am committed to working with communities and clients to develop community based programs and individualized nutrition care plans that will empower them and address their dietetic and health challenges while fitting into their particular life situations and needs. 

Patient Beya, Founder and CEO

More about NCD Care Training Program

Competent and qualified healthcare providers such as clinical nutritionists matter for Africa’s healthcare system since nutrition and dietetics are overlooked! As a reminder, over the next two decades, the continent will have to supply the healthcare system with competent and qualified health providers at least one clinical nutritionist for 13000 patients or one for every 500 patients who are living with one or more non-communicable diseases(NCDs) including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease to meet the demand of affordable and safe preventative care for those NCDs using scientific evidence based medical nutrition therapy and dietetics care. Because, the continent is going through a nutrition or diet transition as contributing risk factors of NCDs which result in an epidemiology shift from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases for Africans.

Developing strong scientific evidence and competency based training according to the Canadian Dietetics Care Standard for clinical nutritionists in Africa therefore represents a promising opportunity to boost access to affordable medical nutrition and dietetics care and also create self-employment opportunities for the healthcare professionals. This training will be offering three different packages with different benefits.

Our theory of change rests on the belief that scientific evidence based practice training, be it short terms education or the transfer to practical Canadian clinical dietitian knowledge, skills and competencies to African clinical nutritionists, are deemed to increase the capacities of participants to provide safe and affordable nutrition and dietetics care and also launch dietetics care entrepreneurial ventures.

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Patient Beya
Founder & CEO

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Patient Beya
Founder & CEO

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