We can’t change genetics. But we do have the power to reduce our risk of illness through proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.

KUISHI SMART is a values-driven organization. We are motivated by passion and purpose and are committed to preserving the trust that our clients, communities, partners and donors have placed in us. We deliver high-quality dietetics and health services and believe in the power of nutrition and lifestyle to make a profound difference in the lives of people at risk of or living with non-communicable diseases.

Embracing Dietetics
& Health Innovation

Having a better Understanding of one's health and needs is the roadmap to a healthier life.

Our Approach

  • Evidence-based

  • Patient-centered

  • Bridges cultural gaps

  • Collaboration

  • Equitable

  • Timely

  • Integrated

Our Commitments

  • Addresses social determinants of health

  • Partnering with patients and families

  • Continuous quality improvement

  • Building upon local assets and expertise

  • Achieving health and wellness of individuals and communities

  • Balancing priorities

  • Ensuring accesibility for all

  • Using resources responsibly

Our Activities

  • Community Engagement and mobilization

  • Capacity building of a multi-disciplinary team

  • Promotion of self-care management and peer-support

  • Engaging in dialogue regarding health care systems

  • Creating space for innovation and knowledge sharing

Our Values

Our value resides in our credibility, accountability and obligations to our partners and the communities we serve, as well as in the best practices that promote continuous improvement in the quality of the services provided.

Our Vision

A community where people eat healthy, live well, and fulfill their potential.

Our Mission

We are a team of dietetics and health care who provide and integrate personalized and culturally appropriate dietetics care and programs, to create an enabling dietetics and healthcare system to prevent, control, and managing non communicable diseases.

Theoretical Framework and Approaches

Kuishi Smart's interventions are based on two models: the Social ecological model, which recognizes individuals and their behaviors, and the Chronical care model, which recommends evidence-based changes in the health system that are needed to improve patient health and well-being.Our organization uses an electronic medical records system to generate data-driven insight for the organization. Through this system we are also able to embed the dietetics and healthcare prevention model of NCDs into the public health system.By integrating and optimizing the two models with the Electronic Medical Records system, our interactions with the patients are successful and this contributes to improving reliable results, quality of life and information management of the clinical system, as well as reducing health care costs at individual and health system levels.

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