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Our work focuses on the prevention, control and management of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney diseases and obesity. We focus on addressing the underlying contributing factors of NCD’S.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

We provide face-to-face and virtual nutritional counselling. Our dietitians assess and develop medical nutrition therapy plans that are client-centered and provide a plan to help clients treat and manage their health challenges.

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Health Promotion Program

Group education sessions and peer support are provided by our multidisciplinary care team.  The main goal of these sessions is to provide information on different aspects of nutrition and health so that the clients can learn how to manage their health and well-being despite the diagnosis. These groups also create social support networks where members can act as role models to one another.

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Community Outreach Activities

Awareness-raising programs are designed to increase awareness of non-communicable diseases. These activities enable participants to become more familiar with nutrition and wellness issues while providing tips on how to overcome difficulties.We also work in partnership with various organizations and private companies and service providers.

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